The photos in this gallery are free to use for any purpose. However, before using these photos, please take note of the following:

  1. The gallery covers only two days of the four-day competitions. The pictures are sorted by people/models.

  2. There are three images for each photo:

    • Thumbnails, which are cut to square size for better look of the page.

    • Web preview images. They have the longest dimension 800 px, are optimised for screen and are in sRGB (web standard) colour space. Average size 156 KB.

    • Full-size images (average size 1.9 MB, 1.5 to 8 mpx), accessed by clicking on the web preview. Since they can be used for any purpose (printing, cropping, preparing for web publication etc.), they are not optimised and should be considered as 'raw' source images. Most importantly, they are in AdobeRGB colour space (which covers a wider range of colours) and are conservatively (i.e. only slightly) sharpened. These images should be sharpened according to the output size for better look and converted to the target colour space. Without converting, the colours in the full-size images will be, most likely, duller than they should be. If in doubt, convert the images to sRGB (in Adobe Photoshop, select Edit -> Convert to Profile...)

  3. To batch download of all images you can go directly to the directories with Web preview (total size 16.6 MB) or Full-size (200 MB) images.

  4. If you need full-size photos but still unsure how to handle them, please don't hesitate to contact me (e-mail below), I will prepare the photos for you.

Sergey Khantsis


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(c) Sergey Khantsis